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Rajah is a male tiger. Notice he is almost white is color.

Species: Siberian Tiger

Name: Rajah

Status: In the 1940's, there were only 24 Siberian Tigers in the whole world! Now, there are an estimated 150 to 200 wild Siberian Tigers.

Distribution: The tiger is found throughout Siberia, China and parts of Asia.

Size: The largest of all cats, the Siberian Tiger can weigh between 600 and 1000 pounds.

Food: Rajah will eat up to 20 pounds of meat a day. His diet consists of Beef, Pork, Chicken and Deer. His food is supplemented daily with vitamins and calcium at insure him a long and healthy life.

Tidbit: This is the world's largest species of cats.

Lifespan: 15 years in the wild, 26 years in captivity. Rajah was born in 2002.

Sound: Download:tiger.wav

Hear the Siberian Tiger sound now!

tiger swim.jpg

Tiger Safari Hours and Prices!


 Monday thru Sunday 9:00 am -6:00pm  for the 2014 SEASON
Limited time Baby Tigers ,Take your Photo With one of them

Your VIP Tour awaits request upon arrival - Space limited.

Special Pricing for School field trips, Churches, Day-Cares, and Nursing Homes! For pricing and booking call:

  •  Weekday  Admission: $10.00, includes  Petting Zoo Feed, and Deer Feeding
  •  Weekend Feeding Tours  $10.00 Includes Feeding Stations
  • Weekends: Adults - $8.00 With out Feeding 
  • Children - $7.00 With out Feeding
  • Children under two - FREE
  • Standard tour includes feeding Stations  $10.00
  • Vip Tour $25.00, upon request interaction with some of the  animals Eagle Owl ,Anaconda Baby Lemur when Available till 4pm Daily offered when available.
  • Sundowner Safari Tours (Limit 10 people photo shot with Exotic Animals) $75.00 per person
  • (Professional photos with four exotic animals ,Tour and Feeding Stations book today sold out every week ,Book Early.
  • Adventure Tours Friday Evening at 6:30 pm Drinks Horsd,ouevres VIP TOUR $35.00 call ahead
  • Private Photo Shots with over (20 animals to pick from) Call for pricing
  • Overnight Stay  ( African Safari Hut  ) 
  • Overnight Stay (Jungle Safari Tree House) (African Safari Hut)
  • Overnight  Stay  ( primitive Camping  )
  • Safari Slumber Parties up to Thirty Guests VIP Tours and Much Much More 
  • Special on School field-trips which include feeding stations are $7.00 of twenty or more guests
  • Less then twenty guests $8.00 parents $8.00
  • Mega VIP 40 Dollars after paid admission and you take a photo with baby tiger

Park Director: Bill Meadows
963 County St. 2930
Tuttle, Oklahoma 73089